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Facial & Skin Therapy

Anti-Ageing Youth

The ultimate anti-ageing facial, designed to target ageing skin concerns with powerful results. This facial will slow the ageingprocess, brighten skin, and reduce wrinkles

AUD $170

Facial & Skin Therapy


New phase of highly effective aesthetic therapy for skin rejuvenation. A course of facials to work on
a specific goal, whether it’s anti-aging, lines and wrinkles or improving the texture of your skin, pigmentation or congestion. An intensive facial treatment designed with your skins ultimate goal in mind.
Ringwood only

AUD $249

Facial & Skin Therapy

Detox Energy Facial


Deep cleanse, detoxify and energise. This treatment is for tired, dull or congested skins that are seeking to preserve their health and youth from pollution and accelerated ageing. Help your skin to defend itself against the harmful effects of environmental stress and pollution.

AUD $185

Facial & Skin Therapy

Eye Focus Treatment

Reduces signs of ageing, puffiness & lines.

AUD $50

Facial & Skin Therapy

Microdermabrasion Facial


Microdermabrasion is a mechanical technique of exfoliating the skin while promoting collagen and cell turnover.  We use the latest equipment with direct skin contact of a diamond head combined with a mild vacuum suction action to rejuvenate the skin by increasing micro-circulation, thus improving blood supply to the skin. As it is a non-invasive technique, microdermabrasion has earned its popularity due to its low down-time and speedy effectiveness

Can be added to many of the Natskin facials to intensify the results @ $45

*45min Micro-facial  – $125
*Course 6 treatments including 2 treatments with a medical peel $637.50


AUD $160

Facial & Skin Therapy

Advanced Hydration

A hydration boost facial suitable for all skins that is showing signs of tightness, creepiness, fine lines and dryness. Using powerhouse ingredient, Hyaluronic acid in this 6 phase treatment, leaving skin visible plumped, smooth with a radiant glow

AUD $170

Facial & Skin Therapy

Classic Spa Facial

Suitable for male or female, this customised facial begins with cleansing, exfoliation & a detailed skin analysis. Ampoule therapy, shoulder, face & scalp massage; mask & day cream complete this beautiful & active facial. Extractions optional.

AUD $115

Facial & Skin Therapy

Homme For Men

A specialised intensive treatment for men.

Anti-ageing, deep cleansing, with intense hydration & facial/scalp massage

AUD $115

Facial & Skin Therapy

Vitamin C Radiance Facial

Pure vitamin C is one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis and slow down the ageing process, in this facial we infuse 10% Vitamin C in a deeply relaxing treatment leaving your skin glowing and radiant

AUD $140

Facial & Skin Therapy

Express or Teen Facial

A quick fix treatment for when time is of the essence. Emphasis on cleansing, exfoliation and mask.

AUD $95

Facial & Skin Therapy

Purifying Facial

A deep cleansing and powerful corrective facial for skin prone to breakouts, pustules and blackheads. includes extractions

AUD $130