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If you are looking for gift vouchers in Melbourne that are versatile and exclusive, Natskin is your solution!

As Melbourne's leading day spa, a Natskin gift voucher is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone. Whether for a special occasion or just to say thank you, give the ultimate gift with a gift voucher from Melbourne's Natskin Day Spa Retreat.

You may choose to have your gift voucher made out to a value or alternatively select from our extensive range of treatments and day spa packages.

e-Voucher Service

When time is of the essence, choose a Natskin e-voucher for speed and convenience!

Why choose gift vouchers from Natskin Day Spa?
  • With 3 fantastic locations, we are the Melbourne day spa everyone can access
  • Our gift vouchers are perfect for any occasion, be it Mothers Day, birthdays or as a thank you gift
  • With an extensive range of treatments, our gift vouchers are great for all ages or genders
  • Our staff are highly qualified and meticulously trained to provide a professional customised service
  • We are committed to both skin and body wellness
  • Our facilities provide beautiful, relaxing and luxurious surrounds

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Conditions of Use

a) Gift vouchers are not transferable to any other person.
b) Gift vouchers expire six months from date of purchase and must be used by the expiry date shown.
c) Failure to keep an appointment will result in the gift voucher becoming void.
d) Gift vouchers will not be exchanged for cash.
e) No refunds given.

Gift Vouchers Melbourne

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